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'Never without a smile'

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On her 100 birthday I asked my Great Aunt Vera what her secret to longevity was.  Her response made my heart sing. ‘I never let anyone leave my house without a smile’.  All my life I have had a drive to make people happy, it would be my aim no matter the situation that if I enter a room when I leave everyone will feel a little better that when I came in.  A lifter of spirits.  That of course manifested as being a clown, comedian, show off.  But then I had to get a ‘real’ job to support a family and a mortgage.  And I had a varied job life which culminated in what I thought was the pinnacle.  Good pay, company car and talking to people everyday (sales manager).

Shaky Ground

Then Christchurch was hit by a massive earthquake and turned our lives upside down.  I was made redundant and as I drove away from that decision I said to myself, ‘I don’t want to do that anymore, I want to lift people.’  I felt my heart expand in my chest and knew that was what I should do, make people feel better.  So I spent the next few years trying to find a way to make that happen.

Journey Continues

So after studying Healing Touch, Chinese Medicine, Trauma Release Exercises, Strategic Intervention and reading countless books on life, love and feeling better I created Life Mechanics.


Don't be shy!

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