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Six Human Needs

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We are all driven to meet these 6 human needs.   And we will do almost anything to meet them even if that happens to be in a negative way.  As a Life Mechanic I strive to help you meet your needs in easy and sustainble ways.


Everyone needs certainty, avoiding pain and accessing pleasure, that is hard wired into us.  But everyone meets those needs in different ways.  Someone might get certainty in a one bedroom flat on the benefit, someone else might need $20,000 in their bank account.

Variety / Uncertainty

We all need variety, without change life is dull.

“the quality of you life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can handle” Tony Robbins

Again we can get variety in simple sustainable ways like reading a new book learning something new.  Or we can indulge in dangerous sports, or drugs (change in state = variety)


Everyone needs to feel wanted, needed, important in some way.  Significance and the way we meet it can often get skewed by our world view.  For example someone might only find significance in immense amounts of money or power.  But a parent is significant to their children.

Love / Connection

We have to connect and ultimately we are all in search of love.  We’ll settle for connection and that can be achieved by attacking someone or by being nice to someone.  A baby born and not touched or connected with will die, it is a basic human need that every one strives for.


In nature that which is not growing is dying.  We have to grow, learn new things, meet new people.  It can be as simple as reading a new book or learning a new language.


It is in our DNA to want to contribute outside ourselves.  To help, to care for do things for others.  And the beauty of contribution is that if you are contributing to others all the other needs are being met just by the act of giving of yourself.


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